Kilcock Celtic FC

Founded 1970

Co. Kildare

ClubZap Install

ClubZap set up for parents.

See above graphic on how to get set up on ClubZap 

ClubZap set up for Coaches

1. Download the Club-zap app onto your phone

a. Visit the app store or play store and search for “Clubzap”
b. Select “Install”
c. Select Kilcock Celtic as your club
d. Input your name, email and phone number
e. If prompted enter the 6 digit validation code you received via text message
f. Click on the chat tab, validate your age (18+)
2. Then let Thomas Byrne know that you have done so and he can make you and ADMIN on the app, which will allow you to set up a group for your team.


3. Across the bottom of your screen you will see

a. Games – Notifications – News – Chat – My club

4. Select “Chat”

5. You will then see a small green icon on the bottom right of your screen, click on it

6. Select “New Group”

7. “Create New Group” will appear

a. Title = your team name
b. Purpose = team
c. Group type = (Select little arrow on right hand side and scroll down to “Team”)
d. “Can Chat” I recommend you leave this off as it means you are the only one who can post information to this page? (stops this app becoming a what-app chat room)
8. Once you have set up your group, click on it (example under 9 white)

a. On the top right corner you can see three dots, touch them
b. Menu
i. Group info
ii. Snooze notifications
iii. Set yourself as unavailable
iv. Leave group
v. Allow group chat
c. Select “Group Info”
d. You will then see an icon on the top right corner of the screen which looks like a person icon with a + sign beside it. Click on it
e. You will then see a list of all the people in our club who have downloaded the app.
f. You can click on the “ADD” beside each name that you wish to add to your group. Or you can type a name into the search bar to find someone you wish to add.
g. Once you have added all the parents you can then communicate with them re training times and match times and results.
9. Once your group is set up you can see a list of all the names who have joined it, and you can simply type a message in the bottom bar to send them all a message

10. You can also click on the small green box with a + sign in it to create an event. Like set your training time, or match.

11. Create an event, is all self explanatory

Download ClubZap

Get live information for Club on the ClubZap App

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